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Taxes become more complex by the day. Every year tax legislation changes and each Dutch Caribbean Island has its own specific range of taxes. It becomes increasingly more difficult to choose the best tax solution for your company or yourself. Nexia Curaçao has expertise in every type of tax and we have tax professionals in various jurisdictions (including The Netherlands and Suriname), with knowledge on specific local regulations. Our Tax Professionals advise a wide range of local and international clients, including many financial institutions, trust companies and medium and small sized businesses. We constantly monitor the latest fiscal developments to ensure that your fiscal position remains optimal.

  • Our Tax Advisors advice on a broad range of topics, ranging from (inter) national tax legislation and tax-efficient investments, to the proper application of the wage tax, remunerations and issues surrounding social insurance and pensions.
  • Our Tax Compliance Team prepares and files your Tax Returns according to the highest quality standards.

Tax advice
We keep in close consultation with our audit and business support team, allowing us to provide excellent comprehensive advice and support on all of your tax affairs, such as:

  • Choosing the optimal legal form and tax incentives
  • Corporate reorganizations and restructuring processes
  • Public and private M&A transactions
  • Cross-border leasing
  • Debt restructuring
  • Purchasing, selling or renting out real estate
  • Due diligence
  • (Second) opinions

International Tax Advice
We carefully consider your borderless ambitions and map out your plans in such a way that you can optimally benefit from the many options that international tax laws provide to save on your taxes. We can assist you with:

  • Structuring the import and export of goods or services;
  • Establishing local partnerships or opening a branch in the Dutch Caribbean jurisdiction;
  • Setting up an E-Zone or Export Facility company;
  • Proper application of tax treaties to prevent double taxation in case of foreign income, foreign real estate or an expat status; or
  • Expat Services: applying for the expatriate status, assisting in visa, housing and permits.

Tax compliance services; Diligent and Prepared
Nowadays tax compliance is much more than just filing a simple tax return. It is not always easy to keep track of all your obligations towards the tax authorities and to be diligent in filing your returns, even though you absolutely intend to be. The dedicated Nexia Curaçao Tax Compliance Team: